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The best cloud hosting platform for SaaS companies, developers and sysadmins.

Open Cloud


Powerful concepts. Simple and intuitive interface.

Manage your instances efficiently with our console or your favorite devops tool.

Managed Cloud


Our hypervisors run like clockwork. Our instances run at lightspeed.

Get work done fast on instances that feel like hardware.

Managed Cloud


In Switzerland no one tampers with your corporate or personal data.

Our team ensures your data is safe from technical or legal harm.

Our instances have insanely fast I/O and boot in 30 seconds. Try out for yourself!

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«exoscale is my preferred cloud when testing new tools and doing demonstrations. Its simplicity, high performance and reliability makes it a real pleasure to use.»

Sebastien Goasguen
PMC at Apache Cloudstack

The real public cloud experience

An oustanding SLA

  • Our 99.95% guaranteed availability and 24/7 operations keep you from troubled nights.
  • Our simple and scalable technology ensures our hypervisors seldom need maintenance.
  • You're free from the weekly instance rotation on exoscale.
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No lock-in

  • We're convinced our product will win you over. No need to lock you in.
  • We provide full reversibility - the ability to reclaim your data at any time
  • We base our products on industry standard APIs to make transition to and from our platform dead easy.
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Great prices

  • Our biggest priority is to avoid hurting your baseline.
  • Our instances are priced to the minute
  • No compute or memory charge is applied to stopped instances.
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