Dedicated Cloud Servers

Exoscale vpc cloud server. Secure, high-performance dedicated hypervisor and networks. Perfect for enterprise workloads and hybrid cloud.

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Private networking

Self-service custom subnet allocation for your instances. Build private security appliances and network gateways between public, private and corporate networks.

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Dedicated hypervisors

Deploy virtual servers on dedicated hypervisors for your organization. Maximize security with complete data isolation and guarantee absolute performance.

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Private Connect

Directly connect to Exoscale in one of our Zones at 1G to 10G speeds or via IPSec tunnels to reduce latency, costs and internet limitations.

VPC is managed with the same and simple interface.

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vpc Cloud Servers Features

  • Virtual private cloud feature image

    Virtual private cloud

    Optionally combine private networking, private connect and dedicated hypervisors to build your own virtual private cloud.

  • Teams friendly feature image

    Teams friendly

    Contribute with your coworkers on your vpc environments. Invite others to join as Owners, Tech or Admin roles.

  • 2-factor authentication feature image

    2-factor authentication

    Enforce 2 factor authentication to access your virtual private cloud portal with Exoscale.

  • Low commitment feature image

    Low commitment

    Private networks are available on shared and dedicated hypervisors for improved isolation. Grow your vpc gradually.

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